Gothia Cup China 2020 is cancelled

A – Z



Age control 

Upon arrival, each team will undergo an age control. All players must be able to present a valid passport. Please make sure that all of your pl


Gothia Cup China APP is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, please visit for more information.


Ball size

The classes B10, B11, B12, G11, G12, G13 and G14 are using size 4, the other classes are using size 5. Gothia Cup provides footballs to all matches. For training and warm up you need to bring own footballs.


Cash Machines

Cash machines (ATM) are common and they accept most major credit cards. The machines can be found in the shopping areas, main streets and airports.

Credit cards 

Master/Visa Credit cards are only accepted in big restaurants and shops,supermarket. Cash are more commonly used in China.


The official Chinese currency is CNY

1 USD ≈ 6,80 CYN

1 EURO ≈ 7,20 CYN



China uses 220 V AC and 50 Hz cycle. 2 flat-pin plugs are used. 

Emergency call

Ambulance 120, police 110 ,fire brigade 119.

Extra nights 

For teams that have travel arrangements that require extra nights before or after the tournament, this can be arranged (maximum 2 nights) in a specific university. No meals from Gothia Cup China are served during the extra nights but you can eat at university dinning hall. The cost per night is EURO 8 (USD10).


All fields are  artificial turf. More detailed information about all the playing fields can also be found on


The finals are being played on 18th, 19th, August. Preliminary schedule can be found on, or our App.

First Aid Services 

First Aid Services are available on our largest playing facilities. Contact the field officials for information.


Gothia Opening Ceremony 

Highlight of the week – 19:30, 13th, August , Sunday at Olympic Center.

Gothia Leaders Party 

Party and show for leaders. Tuesday at 20.00, 14th, August,Wanda Vista hotel

Gothia Leaders Lounge 

Sports bar for leaders at Gothia Football Park.

Gothia Wristband

With Gothia Wristband you can take part in all Gothia Cup fantatic events and many of tourist attractions.

Gothia Wristband is included to all teams and also to accompanying persons who book hotels through the Gothia Cup China. Teams can also use My team info to buy extra Gothia Wristband to accompanying parents and leaders . You can order the Gothia Wristband thru My Team Info, until July 10. 




Hotel booking can be made through Gothia Cup China for both teams and supporters. Please contact for more information.



It is important that all players are insured both on and off the playing field. Gothia Cup China does not have any common insurance that covers injuries, illnesses, thefts or damage. Please find out what type of insurance your club has for the matches and see to it that the players’ families have sufficient coverage for their children.



The official language is Chinese, but we offer volunteers who speak other languages like English, Koran and Japanese,etc.

Local time

Local time is Beijing Time, 8 hours earlier than Central European Time. 15 hours earlier than Pacific Time.

Leaders Plus Card 

Two Leaders Plus Cards per team with booked accommodation through Gothia Cup China is included. The Card consists of a ticket to the Leaders Party, a coach T-shirt and entrance to the Leaders Lounge at Olympic Center. More leaders card can be ordered on My Team Info price is 30 EURO (35USD)

Match Program 

Available from mid July on available on our app for both iPhone and Android.


For teams staying in a university there will be 21 meals served – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first meal is dinner on Friday, arrival day, and the last meal is lunch on Friday, departure day. Drink, bread, salad and fruit will be served with every meal. The meals are being served in the university cafeteria.

Meal Cards 

For teams staying in a hotel with no lunch and dinner included, meal cards can be purchased. The meals are served in a nearby university cafeteria.

Money Exchange

Exchange can be done at most Chinese banks. The best and cheapest way to exchange currency is to use ATM machines.


Pocket Money

The amount of pocket money is a personal choice, but here are some approximate price examples:

Can of soft drink CNY 3

Hamburger CNY 18

Amusement Park CNY200-300

Prize ceremony 

All players will receive a diploma. The teams in the B finals are awarded with trophies and medals. The teams in the A finals are awarded with the Gothia Cup trophy and medals to each player. The two losing teams in the A semi finals will receive a third place trophy and medals. This will be awarded during the halftime in each age class final



The tournament regulation is to be found on 

Safety deposit Box 

There is no safe for valuables available at the university. Do not leave valuables or electronics in the school dormitory. Bring all your valuables with you when you leave the room unattended.


Most of the stores in the shopping areas in China are open Monday to Sunday. Wu Ai Market is a popular wholesales market for clothes, shoes and accessories, China Industrial Exhibition hall consists of a varieties of

Training sessions

Gothia Cup China can book no training sessions prior to the tournament.


Included upon arrival and departure for teams with accommodation in school or hotel booked through the Gothia Cup China transfer service. Please inform us about your arrival and departure time on My Team info.


Taxi is cheap and convenient. Be sure to have you destinations i written for in local language.


From China you dial 00 followed by the country code of the country you are calling. For mobile phones, China uses the GSM/3G/4G system, the same system that most countries in the world use.

Tourist information 

The main Gothia Cup China Information is to be found at Olympic Center.

Tournament information 

You will find at


Travelling in China is easy with the use of local busses and subway. They cover the whole city and there is always a stop close by the universities and playing fields. All public transportation is included in the participant fee (Gothia Cup Wristband). There are also our own busses – Gothia Line – that run between universities and playing fields as a complement to the public transportation system. Information about transportation can be found on the map provided by Gothia Cup China during the tournament.


Included upon arrival and departure for teams with accommodation in university or hotel booked through the Gothia Cup China transfer service. Please inform us about your arrival and departure time on My Team info.


University Accommodation 

Teams that stay in a university will be sleeping in dormitory. Usually there are 4/6 beds in 1 room. separate rooms . Beddings are included in the price.


Warm up areas 

There are no dedicated areas for warm up. teams could have training or warm-up at pitches which there are no matches.


In August weather conditions in China may vary from anything between 21 to 30°C (70 to 85 °F) dry and sunny.