Gothia Cup China 2020 is cancelled

Charity Entry Project of Gothia Cup China

Charity Entry for teams to attend Gothia Cup China

Gothia Cup China Charity Entry for teams is for teams  with specific challenges like poverty, Conflict, environmental challenges, or other  unprivileged situations. These teams would normally not have the chance to travel abroad and participate in youth football tournaments.

For the application please contact financial support given by Gothia Cup China covers  Accommodation Category A which includes accommodation in schools, meals and Gothia Wristband . Travel expenses to Gothia Cup China is the responsibility of the club/team.

2016 Charity Entry

Each year, Gothia Cup China helps teams to get to the tournament. Through cooperation with NGO and participation  grants given to teams that otherwise would not have the opportunity to participate in Gothia Cup China.

With tremendous effort and help from Azad Foundation Pakistan, Pakistan Street Children Football Team participate in the first edition of Gothia Cup China in 2016.

Pakistan Street Children Football Team and Azad Foundation Pakistan

Azad Foundation is a pioneer leading organization in Pakistan for children on the streets, working in the city of Karachi since 2001. Primarily originated as a social discussion forum, Azad was registered and converted into a foundation in 1998. Azad Foundation initiated work in 2001 and conducted a base line survey study “Street Children in Karachi” which was conducted to address the problems and to stimulate the government for protection and rehabilitation of street children.

Over 6,000 children on the streets of Karachi have benefited from the services offered by Azad Foundation that include sports activities, primary healthcare, medical assistance, life skills, informal and formal education, leisure and recreation, shelter and family tracing/reunification. The services are provided through daycare centers, mobile units, safe spaces and transit shelter home. Azad Foundation has also introduced a biometric-based electronic child registration system for children on the streets of Karachi to support their birth registration.

Azad Foundation has aligned itself with several government and non-government partners during the years that passed to extend protection and prevention services to Children Living and/or Working on Streets.

Azad Foundation’s Sports for Development (S4D) Program is the next evolutionary stage of the deinstitutionalization strategy. Sport is globally recognized as means of healthy development of both children and adult. It is also proven to be the perfect vehicle for human development and peace-building in the society. Azad Foundation is utilizing the power of sports to engage children and vulnerable communities for preventive measures. Initially, over 2000 children have been engaged in sports and sports based non-formal and life skills education in three cities of Pakistan. With Child’s Right to Play as our guiding principle, through S4D we ensure to reintegrate street and out of school children towards mainstream education and also provide them with opportunities of excel at sports. Pakistan Street Children Football Team (Team Pakistan) is the crowning jewel of this project. The team has participated in various international tournaments and won 3rd positions in Street Child World Cup Brazil 2014, Norway Cup 2015, 2nd position in KICS Cup Chicago 2015 and 1st position in Street Child Olympic Games 2016.


Pakistan Street Children Football Team



Project Playground South Africa 

With tremendous effort and help from Project Playground South Africa, Project Playground Football Team participate in the first edition of Gothia Cup China in 2016.

Project Playground is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010, helping over 700 exposed children and youth in townships outside Cape Town in South Africa. Project Playground works to reinforce their personal and social development through support programs and organized activity. Through a meaningful spare time children gain self-esteem, ambitions and belief in the future – tools to create better life conditions which create ripple effects on the whole community.

Its mission is to provide children with better future prospects through a meaningful spare time.

Through self-esteem, ambitions, self-confidence, responsibility and fellowship a child gains tools to influence their own life. We create possibilities for exposed children by reinforcing their personal and social development. Only when you care about your own life and expect a bright future are you able to break destructive patterns and exclusion.

Therefore Project Playground  work to inspire, motivate and engage children and youth to seize their inner strength and potential.