AUGUST 12-18, 2018, CHINA, Qingdao


The dormitory accommodation will be in  international schools with High Standard Facilities- Dorm with Air-Conditioner,Private Bathroom/Shower.

Space is Limited , hotel booking is confirmed by the payment. First comes, First Serves.

Qingdao Experimental High School 


Photos :

 Qingdao No.39 Middle School (Halal food provided)

青岛三十九中学 website: ()

Each room has 4beds and teams will be accommodated in rooms next to each other. beddings included.


All meals are served at the school canteen. 3 meals a day, first meal is dinner August 11th and last meal  lunch on August 18th, Chinese, Muslim and  western food buffets are served.

Football fields for warm-up, friendly, Paid laundry . 

Gothia Line will connect the School with the fields .

For information about cost please read the Cost/Participation Fees


1) Note:  Air-conditioner in the dorm doom

2) Private Shower and Bathroom 

3) Buffet (Chinese food, Western food and Hahal Food) in cafeteria ;Hahal Food provide only in Qingdao No.39 Middle School.

Food Limited Capacity, first comes,first serves.