2020 Gothia Cup China Online Competition

Published: 2020-07-23 Time: 12:24


 To those who love football:

        We deeply regret that we are prevented from holding Gothia Cup China Would Youth Football Tournament 2020, because of COVID-19 epidemic. But we believe the hearts of children are still closely linked by football no matter what the situation is, and football still attracts children under this special circumstance. 

        In order to make children experience and feel the charm of football at any time, share the happiness of football, and establish pure friendship, we will organize an interesting and unique Gothia Cup China The World Youth Online Football Competition 2020 through the Internet.

        This online competition will be held from 17th to 23rd in August 2020. The competition includes individual skill items, parent-child items and quiz items. Everyone will compete on a fair, professional platform without environmental restrictions. The competition will be competitive and exciting for all participants. The competition will also have the audience selection process. Furthermore, there will be a live broadcast if you enter the final, and also more wonderful gifts are waiting for you!

        What are you waiting for? Come sign up and show your skill!

        Use the wechat to scan the QR code below to sign up,please.