Gothia Cup China 2020 is cancelled

Gothia Olympic Center

Olympic Center is the heart of Gothia Cup China. Here you will find the Central Information building, the tournament’s headquarters during the week.  5 mins’ walk from Huan River and Wu lihe Sport Park. The Opening ceremony will be held in Olympic Center.

The Fields

Despite of the fact that Olympic Center is located right in the city centre, this area accommodates 3 fields. On 1 of these fields is the Main Arena. At the other two we will build grandstands for the spectators to enjoy the games.

The Events

Here you also find the Gothia Olympic Center, a large event and exhibition area where our partners arrange fun activities and contests. At the Sportware tent you’ll find the Gothia Cup China clothes collection, souvenirs as well as other useful equipment. You will also find activities such as speed shooting, table soccer, cage football , rock climbing, slacklining and much more.

The Place

Olympic Center consists of Wu Lihe stadium, a Gymnasium, a natatorium, a tennis hall. The Stadium takes over the heritage and glory of Old Wu lihe stadium. The 300 meters long roof made of glass and metal, is breathable with the change of weather and temperature, which create a great environment for the athletes. Occupying 140, 000 square meters, with 60,000 seats, the stadium looks look the crystal crown of the Goddess of Victory, and the gyms along are the spread wings.

Olympic Stadium held the footfall matches of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and the main arena for Chinese National Games in 2013. Most of the Chinese Singers have their concerts in it.

Gothia Leaders Bar

Strategically and perfectly located with panorama view over the playing fields. Team leader and coaches meet colleagues from all over the world and discuss tactics. Coffee is for free and if you want something else to drink you can purchase it at the bar. It is here where you pick up your coach t-shirt included in your Leader’s Plus Card. 

Boat Tour- Huan River

1-hour boat tour on Hun River starts from the dock in Olympic Park; you could  enjoy and relax in the breeze.

Boat tour route: Olympic park(the dock)- Hun He bridge- Shengjing Theater(Big Diamond)- Ruyi Island- Changqing bridge- turn back to the Dock

Food Court/Snack bar/ Beverage Ice-cream

There are varieties of Chinese food and snacks and also western food to choose from.

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