Gothia Cup China 2020 is cancelled

Opening Ceremony

We believe that it is important to make a tournament a lifelong memory. A moment for everyone – a moment of harmony and fellowship. We want to create this very moment with the Gothia Opening Ceremony.  The atmosphere surrounding the opening of the Gothia Cup is electric, enough to make you shiver with excitement. It’s a memory you’ll remember and smile at for the rest of your life.

The opening ceremony is a show that takes about 1 hour 30mins. The presentation of the participating nations is a regular feature but it is usually other numbers that attracts the most appreciation. To try in words describe the opening ceremony is hard to do. Music, singing, dancing, feelings, and lots of joy. That are some of the ingredients. For us it’s about mixing and packaging these ingredients in the best way. And of course mixing Chinese and western culture.

Venue: TBD

Time: Night, 4th, August, it is suggested to arrive 1 hour beforehand for the gathering outside the stadium