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Dinning ,Bar,Cafe in Qingdao

The Chinese food is famous all over the world. And there are no place better to enjoy it than here in China. 1)Beijing Duck, 2)Seafood Dumplings , 3)Korean BBQ, Chinese Taco are highly recommended. 

 its easy to find a restaurant in the city. They are literally everywhere. And you can find a wide range of restaurant serving food from every corner of china as well as international cuisines.

The meals are usually not expensive and most restaurants has pictures of the food in the menu to make it easy for forigners.

Unfortunately, Chenyang district is not a Muslim Area, Hala food is not common and not easy to find. 

There are 2 near Holiday Inn ,Gothia Center

Chinese Lanzhou Lamian (Noodle)中国兰州拉面

across from Changchenglu primary school(长城路小学), outside of Nantuan Market (南疃农贸市场)

location of Changchenglu primary school

Yilanxiang China Lanzhou Beef Lamian (Beef Noodles)伊兰香中国兰州牛肉拉面(城阳万科店) Tel 008618954298268

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There are some small Lanzhou Lamian Noodles Restaurants offer strict Hala food 

Korean restaurants& Korean BBQ are all over Chengyang district, Qingdao.韩餐一条街在兴阳路 (青岛景园假日酒店步行范围内)

Holiday Inn Parkview in on the Korean restaurants Street (Xing Yang Road 兴阳路).

Brandson Cafe 青岛布莱森咖啡酒吧 near Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao,on the Korean restaurants Street.

Best Korean BBQ in Town

Gangtongwu Korean BBQ 缸桶屋 韩国烤肉(兴阳路店269号 总店) Xingyang Road No.269

Tel 电话008618561722611

Gangtongwu korean BBQ 缸桶屋(2号店) 青威路407-6号(桃源居北门城阳四中东侧)Qingwei Road 407-6 Tel  电话008618254280000

He Ba BBQ 河坝烧烤串城 (easily full and must make reservation)

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Xiaozhuzai Stone Plate BBQ (Piglet BBQ)小猪仔石板烤肉(城阳店)

Dongmeng Traditional BBQ 东门传统炭火烤肉

No.212,chuncheng Road 春城路212号水榭花都小区东门旁

Shuangheyuan Seafood Dumplings 双合园海鲜饺子正阳路店

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Chuangeyu Seafood Dumplings & Local food船歌鱼水饺正阳路店

 Haidilao Hot Pot 海底捞

No.01 Level 4, The Mixc Shopping Mall, No.157 Zhengyangzhong road 正阳中路157号华润万象汇L4层01号商铺

Xibei (lamb&Beef, Western cuisine)西贝莜面村(青岛城阳万象汇店)

No.29 Level 4. The Mixc Shopping Mall, No.157 Zhengyangzhong road,正阳中路157号华润万象汇L4层29号商铺

Fixing Chinese Tarco & Roast Duck吉祥春饼烤鸭(万象汇店)

No.29 Level 4. The Mixc Shopping Mall, No.157 Zhengyangzhong road,正阳中路157号华润万象汇L4层12号商铺

Chinese, Korean, Japanese food ,Western food, Pizza, Cafe, Bars, and Shopping.

Lubang shopping complex 鲁邦·国际风情街 中餐,韩餐,西餐


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Chinese food, Korean food, Night Snack Market, Jiajiayuan shopping Center 家佳源购物中心 夜市,中餐

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RT-Mart Shopping center 大润发城阳店

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青岛城阳区城中城购物广场 Cental City Shopping Mall

Xiaoyuzhou  Jinglucaifang (Beijing Roast Duck, Local food, Seafood)小渝舟京鲁菜坊 北京烤鸭,本地菜,海鲜

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phone电话:  008653287715777 

Address 地址: 正阳路76号小渝舟概念川菜东侧phone:  008653287715777 

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朱老大饺子村 Zhu Laoda Dumplings (Dumplings, Roast Duck, Seafood,local food)

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Local food

Wanhecun Rib&Clay Pot 万和春排骨砂锅米饭