AUGUST 12-18, 2018, CHINA, Qingdao

Eat in Qingdao

The Chinese food is famous all over the world. And there are no place better to enjoy it than here in China. We have all heard about Beijing Duck, Dumplings and Kung Pau Chicken, Seafood, Korean BBQ, Chinese Taco. 

 its easy to find a restaurant in the city. They are literally everywhere. And you can find a wide range of restaurant serving food from every corner of china as well as international cuisines.

The meals are usually not expensive and most restaurants has pictures of the food in the menu to make it easy for forigners.

In china its also very popular to share all the dishes. And to make that easier there are often rolling tables with a round center that can be turned. Another fun way of eating is the Hot Pot where you get a cup of boiling water where you prepare the food yourself.