• The Mixc

    The Mixc

  • Wu Ai Market

    Wu Ai Market

  • Zhong Street

    Zhong Street

  • Apple Store in Joy City

    Apple Store in Joy City


Shenyang is the northeast Chinas largest commercial center. It has often been said that in Shenyang you can buy and sell the world. Today Shenyang is a modern fashion shopping center with hundreds of commercial streets, commercial buildings and commodity markets.

Below you can find some shopping center/areas in all price ranges and styles.

Wu Ai Market

Wu Ai market is a huge flea market. Here you can find anything and everything. This market is in several buildings and is 7 floors high. Be sure to memorize your way as its easy to get lost. Best value for money.

Zhang Street

Zhong street is the first commercial pedestrian street in China and is one of the Top 10 most famous business streets. It is the longest commercial street so far in China and you can find plenty of shopping centers on this road.

Joy City

Here you can find many different kinds of shops, cinemas, cafes and a different variety of restaurants. In the shopping center on Zhong street you can find the only Apple store in Liaoning province. 

The Mixc

A brand new shopping mall with a lot of well known brands. This shopping mall has the most luxury brands in China. Here you will also fins a western influenced supermarket.


Tai Yuan Street

Near Shenyang train station you can find this commercial pedestrian street that has influences from the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. The street has plenty of fashion shops and shopping centers like “Wanda Plaza”. The underground shopping street of Taiyuan street is probably the most popular shopping center for young people.