• Shenyang Olympic Stadium

    Shenyang Olympic Stadium

  • Hun River

    Hun River

  • The Shenyang Palace

    The Shenyang Palace

  • The Shenyang Palace Museum

    The Shenyang Palace Museum

  • Fantawild (amusement Park)

    Fantawild (amusement Park)

  • Shenyang EXPO Park

    Shenyang EXPO Park

  • Fantawild (amusement Park)

    Fantawild (amusement Park)


Forbidden City

Shenyang Palace is one of the two existing palaces in China. The palace was built by Nurchaci’s in early Qing dynasty and has almost 400 years of history. 

The Shenyang Palace Museumnot only has elegant ancient buildings, but it is also famous for the plenty precious collections inside of it. There are a large number of cultural relics from the old palace, and you can enjoy these rare treasures in the place exhibition.

Price: Free for Gothia Cup China Participants.
Regular price: 50-60 CNY
Opening hours: 8:30-17:00

Fantawild (Amusement Park)

Shenyang Fantawild Adventure is one of the biggest theme parks in the northeast of China. The park is located in the Shengjing street in Shenbei district and has an area of 60 000 square meters. The greatest feature of Fantawild Adventure is the experience of science fiction and interaction. It is created by advanced technology, and can be compared with some of the most advanced theme park in the western country.

The park features dozens of thrilling rides such as the Sky sailor simulator which takes you on a trip around the world and the fast speeding Vesuvius volcano rollercoaster. 

Price: 50% discount Gothia Cup China Participants 
Regular price: Entrance 150-200 CNY
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 

Shenyang EXPO Park(Shenyang Botanical Garden)

Shenyang EXPO Park is a AAAAA grade scenic spot, located in the beautiful Qipan Mountain international tourist development area. It covers an area of 246 hectare and there are 53 Gardens in Chinese style , 23 Gardens in international style and 24 special parks. The Lili Tower in Shenyang EXPO Park is the biggest sculpture building in China.

Price: Free entrance for Gothia Cup China Participants
Regular price: 50 CNY
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Shenyang  Guandong Studio (Chinese ancient town Studio )

Shenyang  Zoo (Shenyang Zoological  Garden)

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