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    Shenyang Subway

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    Taxi in Shenyang

Go Around in Shenyang


Its easy to get around in Shenyang. Besides our own Gothia Line there are plenty of other potions to go where you want to.


There are currently two subway lines – Line 1 and Line 2 in Shenyang. They are both just a couple of years old and are reliable and modern. The subway stops close to the Olympic Center as well as many of the shopping malls and tourist attractions. The city of Shenyang plan to have at least 10 lines in the future and two more lines are being built at the moment. Line 9  will be completed  end of 2018 and it will connect Gothia Park, Shenyang Olympic Center, Shenyang Jianzhu University.


In Shenyang its easy to get at taxi. The taxi cars are everywhere. Its also very cheap. A normal taxi ride usual costs around 3-5 dollars. Be sure to bring your destination and accommodation in Chinese writing. Its unusual for taxi drivers to speak english.

Places in Google Map 
Note: VPN is a must to access Google.It's advised to download VPN and offline google map prior to China.

Shenyang Gothia Football Park
Shenyang Olympic Stadium
Hotel Jen Shenyang
Hotel Maritim Shenyang
Shenyang Jianzhu University
Shenyang Airport
Shenyang North Railway Station
Shenyang Railway Station

Tourist Attractions
Shenyang Forbidden City

Fante Amusement Park
Shenyang Forest Zoo (Panda)

Shopping Area
Happy Family (Xinglong)Shopping Mall, Sports brandnames Outlets(兴隆大奥莱) near Shenyang Olympic Stadium
Wu Ai Market
Taiyuan Street
Zhong  Street
Sanhao Street Electronics Marekt
Xita Korean Street (Korean BBQ)西塔
Xiguan Muslim(Hala) Food Street 西关清真美食街
Quanjudu Beijing Roasted Duck Restaurant 全聚德烤鸭
Yuan Weizai Roasted Duck原味斋烤鸭 (chain Restaurants in different location)
Laobian Dumpling Restaurant 老边饺子
Manyuan Chunbing (Chinese Taco满园春饼奥体万达广场店) Chain restaurants All over Shenyang)
there is one in Wanda Plaza to the south of Shenyang Olympic Center
Haidilao Hot Pot (zhong Jie) 海底捞中街店
Haidilao Hot Pot (Taiyuan Street) 海底捞太原街店
Dashunding Roasted whole Lamb 大舜鼎膳烤全羊
Night Food Market
Caita Night Market (TV Tower)彩塔夜市
Most of the bars are near the America, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia Consulates 
V.V Lounge V.V酒吧
Green Mile 绿里酒吧
Beer's Supermarket比尔的超市
Far Bar 29th Floor,Grand Hyatt Hotel沈阳君悦酒店范儿吧 
Home Bar& Cafe Home酒吧
Party 98派对酒吧
Old School Bar Old School 酒吧
Ko Music Bar蔻.音乐吧
Buddha Bar蒲达吧
Paulaner Beer Bar普拉纳啤酒坊 ( German bar 1st floor Kempinsky Hotel )