AUGUST 10-16, 2019, CHINA, Qingdao
  • The Gothia Cup Statue

    The Gothia Cup Statue

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Gothia Cup China Center/Fields


Map of Gothia Cup China for downloading :

Gothia Cup China  Center is  in the Qingdao Olympic Sculpture  Culture Park, next to Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao (Chengyang district)

Chenyang Citizen Sport Park (8 aside and 11 aside pitches)

Chenyang No.2 Experimental Middle School

These 3 venues are the main Arenas for the finals , Elite Boy 11, Boy12 and Elite B17 


List of Fields

1.E_城阳区第二实验小学  城阳区明阳路101号 

Chengyang No.2 Experimental  Primary School, No.101 Mingling Road (1 pitch of 8 aside 60M*38M)

2.E_三十九中学(新校区)城阳区惜福镇街道傅家埠社区 (1 pitch of 11 aside)

Qingdao No.39 Middle School (New Compus), Fujiapu Community, Xinfu Town

3.E_田村小学 城阳区东田社区北门

Tiancun Primary School , North Gate of Dongtian Community (1 pitch of 11 aside,105M*68M)

4.E_盛泰足球公园 正阳中路48号

Yinshengtai Football Park, No.48 ,Zhengyang Road  (2 pitches of 5 aside  40M*25M;2 pitches of 8 aside 70M*50M)

N_城阳区实验中学 春阳路169号 

Chenyang Experimental Middle School, No. 169, Chenyang Road(1 pitch of 11 aside)

N_国城小学  秋阳路92号

Guocheng Primary Schoo, No.92 , Qiuyang Road (1 pitch of 8 aside,61M*48M)

N_青岛农业大学  长城路700号

Qingdao Agricultural University  East Gate, No.700, Changcheng Road (1 pitch of 11 aside)

the opening ceremony is in the stadium of Qingdao Agricultural University

N_岛实验中学 城阳区阳路69号 

Qingdao Experimental High School, No.69, Shuoyang Road (2 pitches of 8 aside, 68M*48M)

N_仲村小学 城阳区城阳街道城路方雅苑附近

Zhongcun Primary School,  near Dongfangyayue , Hunching Road (1 pitch of 8 aside,65M*45M)

S_城阳区第二实验中学 市城阳区礼阳路107

Chenyang No.2 Experimental Middle School, No.107, Liyang Road (1 pitch of 11 aside,2 pitches of 5 aside 40M*20M)

S_城阳区第一中学 重北路398

Chengyang No.1 Middle School, No.398 , Chongqingbei Road (1 pitch of 11 aside)

S_前桃林小学 兴阳路8号 

Tiaolin Primary School, No.8 Xingyang Road (1 pitch of 8 aside 72M*46M)

S_市民运动公园 文阳路与阜城路交界

Citizen Sports Park, Crossroads of Wenyang Road&Fucheng Road (1 pitch of 11 aside;1 pitch of 8 aside))


Tianhe Primary School, Tianhe Road (1 pitch of 8 aside 66M*45M)

W_城阳区实验小学 城阳区崇阳路442

Chengyang Experimental Primary School (1 pitch of 8 aside 68M*35M)

W_城阳区教中心 城阳区德阳路317

Chenyang Vocational Education Center, No.317 Deyang Road (1 pitch of 11 aside;96M*70M)

球橄球管理中心 城阳区兴阳路310

Main Arena -Gothia Center (Basketball & Rugby Admin Center) No.310 Xingyang Road (2 pitches of 11 aside(101M*65M, 105M*68M), 1 pitch of 8 aside,66M*42M; 2 pitches of 5 aside,44.5M*24.4M)