• The Gothia Cup Statue

    The Gothia Cup Statue

    15 meters high in the middle of the park.
  • Gothia Cup Football Park

    Gothia Cup Football Park

    40 fields in the center of Shenyang
  • Top class field

    Top class field

    Brand new fields
  • Map


    Map with legend

Shenyang Gothia Football Park

The Shenyang Gothia Cup Football Park is the home of the Gothia Cup China. With  40 fields in the same location we are able to host the entire tournament in only one location.

All the fields are brand new and of the best quality. 34 of the fields are artificial and 6 fields are natural grass. The area is built like a park and is located by the side of the Hun River that runs trough the city. The area is green with a lot of trees, running and cycling tracks, pounds and monuments. The park also has plenty of locker rooms, toilets, kiosks and other facilities.

The Gothia Cup Statue is 15 meters high and is placed in the middle of the park. The statue is a mark that this is the home of Gothia Cup China!