AUGUST 10-16, 2019, CHINA, Qingdao

Travel to Qingdao /China

Welcome to Qingdao

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Yes, Qingdao got Barcelona Football School Qingdao and Bayern Munich Football School Qingdao,also Gothia Cup China.

How to book train ticket from Beijing- Qingdao.

1)You could book the train ticket on or ctrip app,60 days beforehand. Information and price are available from ctrip.Service fee will be charged.

D- hi-speed train second class seat 5 hours

G -super Hi Speed train second class seat 5 hours

Z train- normal train overnight, hard sleeper departure at night, arrival next morning.

Get your tickets at the ticket office at B Beijing South Railway Station with your passports when you arrive.

2) Book the train tickets from our traveling partner-China Travel Service (CTS) Beijing Office. Service fee charged.

  1. a) Save your time to go to the ticket office in the Beijing (South) railways station.
  2. b) Tickets guaranteed, because it is busy season in summer, sometimes tickets are hard to get. CTS have priority to buy group tickets.

Transfer from Beijing airport to Beijing South Railway station

Useful websites

Beijing Subway

Beijing Airport (information on shuttle bus )

1)TakeMetro(subway) 70-90 mins. 30 Yuan/person (no traffic). Buy the ticket at the ticket counter or vendor machine. You need to change at Dongzhimen station.

2)Take Airport shuttle bus (70-90 mins) 30 Yuan/person, buy the ticket at 3)the airport ticket counter.

3) Rent a bus from CTS (rates differ according to the number of the seats).

Bus with or without English Speaking Guide. The Guide could lead you and save your time.

4) it is safe to have at least 4 hours from your flight landing in Beijing airport to Beijing South Railway station.

5.a.1 hour to go through the immigration, get your lugguage, get on the bus/metro.

4.b.1 hour 30 mins traveling time

4.c.1 hour to get your train ticket, waiting in line, ex ray check, get into the station

4.d Beijing Airports and Beijing South Railway statons are huge busy and crowded

4.f 30 mins just in case if your flight get delayed or your bus in traffic jam iduring rush hours.

If your flight get delayed, it will be really hard to change your train tickets. The policy please refer to ctrip. Consult with CTS.

You could go by yourself if you’re independent, and want freedom and save money.

Book day tour or hotel from

Book day tour /hotel with CTS our travel agent partner

The Great wall, Forbidden City, Temple of heaven, summer palace, bird nest are the popular tourist attractions in Beijing.

Beijing Roast Duck (Quanjunde and Bianyifang are 2 popular restaurants with their specialty-Beijing Roast Duck all over Beijing )

For hala food ,there is the Muslim street Niu Street in Beijing.

Beijing –Qingdao Train Schedule






06:21 Beijing South

11:16 Qingdao

4 h55m

2nd Cls

50 USD


07:25 Beijing South

12:05 Qingdao North

4h40 m

2nd Cls



9:35 Beijing South

14:13 Qingdao


4 h38m

2nd Cls



10:44 Beijing South

15:25 Qingdao North


2nd Cls



12:25 Beijing South

17:22 Qingdao


2nd Cls



12:45 Beijing South

17:39 Qingdao


2nd Cls



13:23 Beijing South

18:09 Qingdao


2nd Cls



14:20 Beijing South

19:47 Qingdao


2nd Cls



16:10 Beijing South

21:02 Qingdao


2nd Cls



16:42 Beijing South

21:35 Qingdao


2nd Cls



17:25 Beijing South

22:22 Qingdao


2nd Cls



22:08 Beijing

6:35 Qingdao North


Soft sleeper 50USD

Qingdao North 40 min hour , Qingdao 1 h10m to our hotel/school

Flight to Qingdao

We highly suggest you take flight from your homeland to Qingdao (connecting in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou). If the price of the flight ticket (Beijing –Qingdao) is reasonable, if you don’t want to have Beijing tour.

It will save you lots of time and trouble transferring in Beijing. And Qingdao Airport is 20 -30mins from our hotels or schools.

The price of round ticket Beijing-Qingdao could be as low as train ticket around 110-130 USD.

Book the flight from